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About me

I am a linguist and philosopher, I am a postdoctoral researcher at  Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.  I specialize in semantics, the syntax-semantics interface and philosophy of language.

My most recent project is 'A unified semantics for exceptive-additive besides' [joined work with Clemens Mayr]. 

I have received my Ph.D in linguistics at UMass, Amherst in 2019. My dissertation ‘Phrasal and Clausal Exceptive-Additive Constructions Crosslinguistically’ (available here) was about the meaning of exceptive constructions and the constructions that depending on the context can mean ‘except’ or ‘in addition to’ that exist in many different languages.

I work on the syntax and semantics of quantificational expressions in natural languages and the various ways in which different natural languages restrict the domains of quantifiers. Within this general area, besides exceptive constructions I have done work on  conditionals, comparatives and superlatives.

Another area of my interests is philosophy of language. In this area, my work has been focused on belief-reports and the interpretation of various referential terms in those contexts, including proper names and tenses.

 I am also interested in fieldwork.  I do fieldwork on Tundra Nenets. I do this fieldwork in Naryan-Mar (Nenets Autonomous District, Russia) – the town in the Far North of Russia where I grew up.  You can see some pictures of Naryan-Mar herehere and here.  I have done some work on exceptive constructions, tense, modal adverbs and conjunction in Nenets.

In syntax I have done work on agreement systems of Ojibwe, Dumi, Cree, Erzya Mordvin and Moksha Mordvin.

Me: Обо мне
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